A Crack Basketball Team

by Laurel | February 13th, 2013

10 April 1904

Holyoke High School Five’s Fine Record During the Past Season

1904  Holyoke High Crack Basketball Team

Back row, from left: C. Wilson, H. Wilson, Connell; Center row: R. Snow, Whiting (Captain), Wiley (Manager); Front: C. Snow.

The Holyoke High School basketball team has again won the distinction of being the interscholastic champions of New England this season. When the team was organized the first of this year there were but four men available from last year’s team — Whiting, Wiley, R. Snow and C. Snow, the latter being the substitute. Hardman and McCorkindale, the players who figured largely in bringing the pennant to Holyoke for two successive seasons, graduated, and to fill these places was no small problem.  After a try out C. Wilson Connell and C. Snow were called upon to fill these positions, and it was not long before the team rounded into good playing form. Out of 19 games played they won 16 and lost three. The total points scored were 498, to their opponents 302. A peculiar fact about the three games which they lost was that they were each beaten by the score of 22. If there was any one distinct point by which these games have been won it was team work. In this they excelled every team they met. Each one was a star in his own position, but all played together, thus eliminating any cause for that trait which so often creeps into a team of stars — jealousy among its players. Everywhere they went they gained the reputation of being one of the most gentlemanly teams that played this year.

Three players especially showed up well every game. These were Whiting, left guard, R. Snow, left forward, and Wiley, right forward. Among amateur players a faster trio would be difficult to find. Owing to their experience with former teams they had a little more advantage over the rest of the players. C. Wilson, after having developed into a strong center, was obliged to retire owing to sickness. His place was filled immediately by his brother H. Wilson, who proved a tower of strength to the team. Connell, a new man this year, was a very heady player, and his playing was of the first class. Clifford Snow played a strong game in whatever position he was called to take. He did his best work at forward, having a good eye for the basket. The record of the team not including last night’s game is as follows:–

Holyoke High School, 21; North Adams Father Mathew, 12.
Holyoke High School, 27; Holyoke High School alumni, 21.
Holyoke High School, 9; Schenectady Washington Cont., 22.
Holyoke High School, 29; North Adams :Don’t Worry,” 6.
Holyoke High School, 45; All-Adams, 3.
Holyoke High School, 36; Melrose High School, 16.
Holyoke High School, 42; Turners Falls (St. Mary), 12.
Holyoke High School, 13; North Adams YMCA, 9.
Holyoke High School, 35; Springfield High School, 11.
Holyoke High School, 24; Hoosick Falls, N.Y, 18.
Holyoke High School, 33; Turners Falls, Father Mathew, 19.
Holyoke High School, 13; Cushing Academy, 22.
Holyoke High School, 28; Fitchburg High School, 14.
Holyoke High School, 54; Yale Freshmen, 10.
Holyoke High School, 24; Springfield High School, 22.
Holyoke High School, 11; Winsted (Ct.) T.A.B.A., 22.
Holyoke High School, 17; Brattlenoro YMCA, 16.
Holyoke High School, 6; Easthampton Turners, 17.
Holyoke High School, 38; Melrose High School, 28.
Total — Holyoke High School, 498, opponents 302.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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