Holyoke Snippets — March 25, 1898

by Laurel | March 25th, 2013

25 March 1898

Passed Fraudulent Checks in South Holyoke — Archambault Brothers, liverymen at 280 Main Street, had a worthless check passed on them Saturday by a man who gave his name as James Martin. The check was on the Holyoke National Bank and was signed J. Jolly in a hand very dissimilar to his signature. I seems that one Cartier, who is employed at Brightwood at the Springfield Provisions Company’s. was met by Martin Saturday noon, who introduced himself as a former acquaintance, James Martin, and after they had examined each other through the bottoms of beer glasses they went down to Archambault Bros. and hired a team for Chicopee. In payment, martin gave a check for $17, receiving all but the $1.59 for the team in a check. For some reason they went no further than Willimansett, and on their return Martin made an unsuccessful attempt to pass a check upon A. J. Giguere at 76 Lyman Street. There he ordered a few dollars worth of groceries, directing that they be sent to 146 Crescent Street, a fictitious number, and offered a check for $24, also signed by J. Jolly. Giguere made some protest about taking the check, whereupon Martin and Cartier walked out. Soon after Martin, by clever excuse, got rid of Cartier and disappeared. It is thought several others in Holyoke were approached, and one or two victimized by Martin. The check was a barefaced forgery. The police kept the matter quiet until it leaked out, and there is now no chance of locating Martin, although they had a plan that otherwise they might have carried into effect.

Bicycles to be Assessed in Holyoke  The assessors here decided to tax bicycles this year in Holyoke. This has been done in other cities, but heretofore has not been done in Holyoke. On and after May 1 one of the questions asked by the assessors will be, “Do you own a bicycle?” The fun will begin when the assessors attempt to wrestles with the probable value of a wheel. With the cuts in the prices of different wheels and the different values set upon second-hand wheels, the path of the assessors is not likely to be strewn with roses.

Police Court  The only case before the police court yesterday morning was one that it was found belonged to another department, Joseph Chagnon of Union Street, who was brought in on Wednesday evening for drunkenness, being found in need of medical attendance and therefore being taken to the hospital instead of to the county jail. Chagnon has a wife and six children who are left nearly destitute by Chagnon’s spree, he being on a “drunk” for several days. He is said to have squandered a large sum of money that he had saved in his work as an expressman.

Sports  There is much interest in the basketball game that will be played between the Holyoke High School team and the Drury Academy team. The Drury team has won many victories and the high school 11 straight games, there there will be a hot contest.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.


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