Holyoke Snippets — April 26, 1926

by Laurel | April 26th, 2013

26 April 1926

Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Valley Arena, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Romeo Roach and Dunn are paired — The much-talked about bout between Romeo Roach, rugged French battler from South Holyoke and Tommy Dunn, the K.O. artist from Churchill, has finally arrived and will be staged at the Valley Arena as a semifinal bout on the night of May 7, it was learned today.

The interest in this scrap is at high pitch and supporters of both battles are confident of a win for their idols. The match has been hanging for some time but every time the boys were to be matched, something turned up to put the bout back. They were to meet on the last Arena card, but Roach injured his hand while training and the bout was off, With the injured hand better, Romeo s Anxious to fight.

Dunn is confident he will hang his famous K.O. on the French flash and win the featherweight championship of Western Massachusetts. There is a feeling between these two boys and a grudge fight is looked for. A Dunn victory will put Tommy in line for some better matches.

Holyoke Water at 8½ Feet Over Dam  — With more than 8½ feet of water flowing over the Holyoke dam tonight and a gradual rise on, despite the cold after sundown, it was expected that it would reach the nine-foot mark before tomorrow morning. The tremendous flow and spray from the fall this afternoon, with a strong sun in the heavens, was a gorgeous sight.

Prospect Park, which affords an excellent view of the river, with Mt. Tom for a fitting background, was thronged with people all during the day and early night, estimates placing the figures at close to 2000 people. Cars from adjoining states were in evidence paaked along the roadways.

The warm spell of the past few days evidently has released the water and it is though that the flow will in all probability reach high-water mark of last year which was 9½ feet.

Bricklayers Ask for $11 Wage Scale — Advance of $1 a Day Mason Tenders Also Seek Increase — A committee from the Bricklayer’s Union met a committee from the master builders last night, the proposed new wage schedule advance to $11 a day from the old scale of $10, being submitted. The committee of bricklayers explained that the $11 rate was being paid in Chicopee, Springfield and Amherst and that some parts pf Northampton and that last season at the height of the building season it was paid in this city on some work. The committee thought that the wage ought to be made uniform and the builders’ committee took the matter under advisement. It is considered probable that the advance asked for will be conceded though this will not be certain until the builders act upon it.

A committee from the mason tenders also asked for an increase to $1 an hour. They are now receiving 87½ cents an hour or $7 a day and they wish $8 a day. The master builders were not able to concede this as the ratio of wages being paid in all placed round about they claimed. The committee has not as yet met with other building trades committees, although it is being said among the master builders unofficially that advances in other building trades are not likely to be received favorably by the builders.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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