Holyoke Snippets — 02 July 1902

by Laurel | November 4th, 2014

02 July 1902

Holyoke Springdale Park

Springdale Park
Holyoke, Massachusetts

The races at Springdale Park were postponed until today, on account of yesterday morning’s downpour, and perhaps it was just as well, for although the sun came out at noon, the track must have been heave. Lillian Hoffman, and the trained horses will therefore be seen at the park today for the first time. In addition to the three-minute trot and 2:19 minute pace, there will be added the 2:23 pace, making three races today.

Man Falls From Three-Story Window — Patrick Donoghue, 22, fell from a third-story window to the sidewalk at his home at 32 Prospect Street about 9:30 last evening, and so far as could be learned by Dr. F. F. Celce, who was called to attend him, will be none the worse for his fall except for some cuts and bruises which ought to heal easily.  No bones were broken nor were there any signs of fracture or internal injuries. Concussion of the brain may get in, but there was no sign of it last evening. He was seated at the window and lost his balance. From the appearance, it was evident that he revolved in the air, striking the window of the second story in his descent and breaking the glass and cutting himself. he struck slanting, and was scraped and bruised on his shoulder, arm, and legs. Holyoke has quite a record for falls of the kind in which the victims escaped minus injury. A child falling six stories in an unfinished block, about a year ago, striking a portion of the building at about every floor, and then playing marbles the next day as though nothing had happened.

Dates of Annual Shut Down — The Holyoke Water Power Company sent out notices yesterday of the annual drawing out of water from the canals of the company, the notice reading that the water would be drawn out of the canals at midnight on July 31, and that the canals would be full again at 6 a.m. Tuesday, August 5. This is the annual time for repairs and a few days’ holiday is obtained for the workers in the mils, although many of them, particularly family men, are employed about the repair work.

James E. Kelley’s Saloon Sold — James E. Kelley sold his saloon yesterday to John Winn, formerly with the Hadley Thread Company, and at present returning the fruit, cigar and confectionery stand that he bought of “Tom” Tucker, at the corner of Race and Mosher Streets in the Nugent Hotel building. Mr. Winn will take possession today, Mr. Kelley surrendering the keys last evening. Mr. Kelley is now running the Marble Hall hotel in company with Jacob Becker.

Two other youths were concerned in the attempted robbery at E.D. Wells & Co.’s Sunday night, and they were in court yesterday. Levi Labourin, the principal, was held for the superior court. Alfred Turgeon was sent to the Lyman school for boys, and Wilfred Fornier was sent to the Massachusetts reformatory. William Moore and John Jensen were sent to jail for a month for drunkenness. Arthur Delaurey was sent to the Lyman school for vagrancy. Adolph Tatro was fined $2 for violation for the city ordinance, and one “drunk” was fined $6.

Six prizes are offered for the best hits in the “rag shags” procession at Elmwood Friday. The processon will start at 8, and march through most of Elmwood. The prizes are on exhibition at the Elmwood Pharmacy. Three judges will award prizes. [Note: if you are wondering about what the meaning of “rag shag” might be, you can find some discussion at this link.]

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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