The Fight Pictures

by Laurel | July 8th, 2009

July 8, 1910, page 10
The Fight Pictures.
Unlikely That the Acting Mayor Will Forbid Their Exhibition.

The argument for and against the allowing of picture of the recent prize fight to be shown at the local moving picture theatres still continues merrily, and has become a general topic of conversation. Some point out that the depravity in the pictures consists in the fact that the negro worsted the white man and say that had Jeffries won, there would have been no objection made to the exhibition of the films. Others claim that the pictures of prize fights are better away from the city than shown irrespective of whether it is the recent fight or others. At present it does not seem probable that the acting mayor will take any action regarding the matter. The fact that but a short time ago fight pictures were shown would seem to be against disbarring them by an official who is only acting temporarily when similar films have not been debarred by the mayor himself. That there will be any great excitement whether the pictures are debarred or whether they are shown is not expected, and there is absolutely no danger of race riots.

Excerpted from the Springfield Republican.

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