Two Holyoke Schools Closed

by Laurel | September 8th, 2009

September 8, 1903, page 4
Vote of the School Board Last Evening — Election of High School Principal Deferred Two Weeks

The Holyoke school board voted at their meeting last evening to close the Bridge and East Dwight street school buildings and after a heart-to-heart talk on the high school principal ship, postponed action for two weeks. Superintendent Nash nominated Vice-Principal M. M. M. Moriarty near the close of the meeting. Mr. Whitcomb asked why the high school committee had not so reported. Mr. Prentiss reported each member of the committee had a separate candidate. Mr. Cleary stated that there had been 54 candidates that were to this mind head and shoulders above Mr. Moriarty. He believed that a selection could be made from the list better than Mr. Moriarty, saying that the latter was in a “rut.” Mr. Whitcomb was surprised that Mr. Moriarty’s ability either as an educator or a disciplinarian had been called into question. He had heard Mr. Moriarty’s work spoken of in the highest praise. He thought if no outside man was to be taken that Mr. Moriarty’s claims ought to be considered. Mr. Prentiss spoke also in favor of Mr. Moriarty, quoting Principal Akers as saying that Mr. Moriarty was a first-class man and that he had helped him (Akers) very materially. Mr. Reardon also spoke in favor of Moriarty. Mr. Cleary reiterated his claims regarding Mr. Moriarty. He had authority from an alleged co-worker of the high school that Mr. Moriarty was lacking in discipline. Mr. Ellison said that it was the first time he had ever heard anything against him. Mr. Gorman said that some people were opposed to him, others favored him, so far as he could learn. Mr. Charest objected to bringing in any local names, if the postponement moved by Mr. Gorman was carried. More discussion followed, and Superintendent Nash offered to withdraw the nomination if the board so desired. A vote was taken and Mr. Bash withdrew the nomination, and the high school committee were asked to take up the matter and see if they could not agree upon a candidate and report in two weeks.
A report from the 3d district committee recommended that the Bridge and Dwight street school buildings be closed and that the teaches of these buildings be assigned to vacancies, and the balance, if any, appointed to the most crowded schools as assistants. Superintendent Nash read figures on the attendance as given Friday in the three ward 1 buildings: Dwight street, 112; Bridge street, 121; West street, 354, total, 587. There were 15 rooms in the West street building. The recommendation to close these two buildings was adopted. The latter recommendation, for the disposal of the teachers was called in question by Mr. Whitcomb, who asked the superintendent for suggestions. Superintendent Nash said that there were three plans that might be adopted — as the subcommittee suggested to reduce the force as would be done in a factory , or to cut off the teachers in the buildings. The teachers could be employed usefully. There was no overmastering need of the pupils, There was argument on both sides. In answer to Mr. Prentiss, Superintendent Nash stated that teachers would be assigned in place of the substitutes. Mr. Whitcomb said that he deferred to the opinion of the superintendent that the teachers could be profitably employed and was satisfied with the superintendent’s statement to that effect, and the second recommendation was also adopted. On motion of Mr. Ellison, the kindergarten in the Bridge street building was transferred to the West street building. The care of the buildings until turned over to the board of public works was placed in the hands of the third district committee. The finance committee reported bills approved to the amount of $3357.

From The Springfield Republican.

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