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by Laurel | December 3rd, 2011

03 December 1933

Thomas Maher, Jr., son of Atty. and Mrs. Maher of Lincoln Street, was the guest of his parents over the holiday and will return to his studies at Williston Academy, Easthampton, tomorrow.

James Fleming, a student at the State college, spent the Thanksgiving recess with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wills Fleming of Lincoln Street. Miss Margaret Fleming, a teacher at Hartford, was also at home for the holidays and the week end.

Miss Elizabeth Woosnam, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woosnam of Fairfield Avenue, and her house guest, Miss Marjorie Chapan of Highland Park, Mich., will return tomorrow to Wellesley College.

Miss Alice Fringelln, who was the Thanksgiving guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fringelln of Chestnut Street, has returned to the Massachusetts School of Arts in Boston.

Among those who will return to Vassar college tomorrow after a holiday with their parents in this city are the Misses Clarissa and Gertrude Green, Hellen Cadden, Alice Newton and Janbel Adie.

George Eastwood, a student at Harvard Law School, has returned to Boston after a short visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Eastwood, Sr., of North Pleasant Street.

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Haley of Lincoln Street has as their holiday guest, their son, Timothy, Jr., who will return tomorrow to Columbia college.

Mrs. Thomas Heffron of Beech Street enjoyed a short visit from her daughter , Miss Winifred, who returned today to her studies at the Boston School of Domestic Science, after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Walter E. Thompson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson of College Street, South Hadley, and formerly of Holyoke, has returned to the State college after a Thanksgiving visit at his home.

Marion Bogart of Connecticut College spent the holiday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bogart of Allyn Street, and will return tomorrow to college.

Brewster Towne, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Towne of Linden Street, with his house guests, D. Palmer and Milton Johnson, have returned to Dartmouth college after spending the holiday in town.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Webb had as their holiday guest, their daughter, Ruth, of Simmons College, Boston. Miss Webb returned today to her college.

Mr. and Mrs. William Millane of West Hampden Street had their daughter, Miss Anastasia, with them over the holidays and today she returned to Mount Holyoke College.

John Bresnahan, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bresnahan, of Elm Street, who was at his home for Thanksgiving, has returned to Boston University.

One of the Williams college students at home with his parents for Thanksgiving, was Harry L. Coderre of Linden Street.

Miss Marilyn Perkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Perkins of Northampton Street, was at her home for the Thanksgiving revess from Dana Hall School and will return tomorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. Chester Struble had their daughter, Miss Helen, of Miss Wheelock’s School at Boston, with them at their Thanksgiving dinner. Miss Helen arrived Wednesday and returned today.

Mrs. Frederick W. Celee, formerly of this city and now of New York City, spent the holidays with friends in the city, returning to New York today.

Mrs. Philip Gridley of Madison Avenue will be the hostess to the Monday Luncheon club on the 4th. This will be the last meeting of this club until after Christmas.

K. H. Day joined his family for the holiday and week end at the home of his wife’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lois A. LaFrance of Linden Street. His wife, accompanied by her daughter Patricia, will return with Mr. Day to Boston the first of the week.

Two members of the Thespians, Daniel Kelly and Norman Thompson, were the luncheon guests of Prof. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Dana of Harvard University Monday noon. The luncheon was held in the famous Longfellow home, “Craigie House.” Prof. Dana was much interested in the recent Thespian play and in the programs printed in the style of years ago and so honored the two boys by taking them to lunch.

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Hall were host and hostess to a family Thanksgiving dinner at their home on Miller Avenue. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. L. Howard Foster of Lincoln Street, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collingwood, Joseph, Jr., and Phyllis Collingwood of Beech Street.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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