Dibble Leads Holyoke To Win over Commerce

by Laurel | December 23rd, 2011

21 December 1938

Papertown Foward Scores 21 Points in Handing Local Crimson Its First Defeat of Season, 31-27

By George Springer

Holyoke, Dec. 20 — Frank Dibble put on a one-man basketball show here at the high school gym this afternoon as the local public high school quintet chalked up its third straight triumph of the season at the expense of Commerce High from Springfield. The final score was 31 to 27 and all Mr. Dibble did was to toss in seven baskets, added as many free throws to total 21 points for his afternoon’s work. And he tossed four of these markers in the final quarter when the local team really put the game on ice.

Eight Points in Second

The contest was close throughout and except for the time, the visitors led 4 to 0, early in the game, never more than three points separated the two teams until in the last 50 seconds when Dibble notched his seventh foul toss to put Holyoke High out front 31 to 26. During the course of the contest the lead changed hands five times and on eight other occasions the scoreboard showed the two teams struggling in a deadlock.

Dibble tossed two of his points in the first quarter, by virtue of a basket. In the second heat he tallied two baskets and four fouls for eight points. He added seven points in the third and then closed with four in the final heat. Holyoke led at the end of the first quarter, 5 to 6; was tied at 17-all at the halfway station and went into the final heat with a 24 to 22 advantage.

Commerce just couldn’t stop Dibble. He secured his first basket on a long pass from Pat Fitzgibbons on a fast break. He took a pass under the hoop for another in the second and kept scoring a good deal in under as he would take passes on out of bounds plays. He worked in the bucket a good deal and easily faked Commerce men out of his way and he might have had 10 or 12 more points had he been sinking his shots in this type of play.

The Crimson Raiders were led by Robert Yvon, a boy who is developing into a crafty player with not only a good eye, but a fine spirit of team play and a leader to hold his mates together. Many of his points here this afternoon came in the critical moments when it seemed Holyoke might spurt to a sizable advantage. Commerce displayed a good deal of pass work but it wasn’t the kind that assisted any in the attack and while it held the ball a good deal out near the center of the floor, evidently trying to shake a man loose under the basket, it was merely keeping Holyoke from scoring more points than t did.

Crimson Scores First

In the first quarter Commerce had possession of the leather most of the time, yet only got in seven shots. Lou Langone’s basket and fouls by Yvon and Aldo Zarlengo gave the visitors a 4 to 0 advantage. And it wasn’t until five minutes had elapsed before Holyoke got a point, Jackie Shea dropping in a long shot to break the ice. Dibble scored his first basket after Yvon registered from the 15-foot line and just before the heat ended. Robert Rohan followed up a shot to give the locals a 6 to 5 advantage.

Dibble opened scoring and increased Holyoke’s lead in the second, but a foul and basket by Yvon knotted the score at 8-all. The visitors went ahead on Langone’s hoop and Robert Serra’s foul, but Dibble brought about an 11 to 11 tie as he scored a foul and basket. His next free try point put Holyoke ahead, but Langone tied it for Commerce and Yvon scored from the line of least resistance to return the advantage to the Home City combine. And that’s the way it went throughout the second heat. It was ties at 13 to 13 when Yvon got a pair of baskets to give his club a 17 to 13 advantage. But Dibble’s two fouls and one catch by Eddie O’Rourke and Fitzgibbons tied the score at the half at 17-all.

The score was knotted at 19-all and then 21 to 21 in the third head before Dibble followed up a shot to give the locals a lead that was never lost. Louis Cocchi and Dibble sank fouls before the third quarter ended, 24 to 22, in Holyoke’s favor.

Hebert scored a foul to open the final periods, but Zarlendo cut Holyoke’s lead to a point as he followed up an Yvon miss. Dibble took Fitzgibbon’s pass for a basket, but Yvon followed up successfully and the score still showed a one point difference.Herbert tallied on Dibble’s pass and Dibble’s foul when Langone committed his fourth personal put the home team out far enough ahead to set the Commerce boys on a flying tangent of excitement, a period in which they were shooting wildly and as the scoreboard shows, vainly. In the last minute each team scored a foul toss.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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