Vain Search For Girl’s Body

by Laurel | January 31st, 2012

31 January 1910

Third Level Canal Drawn Off But No Trace of Emma Richter is Found.

The third level canal was drawn off yesterday in the search for the body of Emma Richter, the 16 year old girl, who has been missing from home since the latter part of December. The body was not found, although it is possible that it is in the canal. The water was so muddy that aside from a careful examination of the canal near the headgate of the Chemical Paper Company not much could be done, and it is probable that if the body is in the canal, it will not be found before spring. There seems to be a general belief that the girl has made way with herself, and as the ice coated the first-level canal at the time she left home it is thought that if she threw herself into one of the canals it must have been the second or third level canal. It is possible that she went to the river in which case there is a possibility that the body never will be found. While it has been hoped that she had left home and gone away to another city, yet a careful search by her brothers and the police department has revealed no trace of the girl, and there is little faith expressed now that she is living. It is also thought that if she had gone from the city she would have eventually have communicated with her brothers and made known her whereabouts.

From The Springfield Republican.

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