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by Laurel | March 8th, 2012

08 March 1906

Joyful announcement of Annual Meeting of the Holyoke Young Men’s Christian Association Last Evening

The principal news at the annual meeting of the Holyoke Young Men’s Christian Association last evening was the announcement that for the first time in its history the Holyoke Young Men’s Christian Association was out of debt, and would start off the new year with a small balance on the right side. the work of raising the $50,000 was begun in 1902 and was completed this year, and all the floating indebtedness as well. The annual meeting was therefore one for general congratulation, and many felicitous allusions to the happy condition of affairs were made during the evening.

In his report for the year, F. B. Towne, the president, thus alludes to the paying off of the debt: We can turn to the financial department of our work with satisfaction that is deep and solid. We can say tonight that this organization is out of debt. The big $50,000 white elephant in a cage up at Northampton, which was attacked so fiercely and successfully by Mr. Rider, Mr. Bagg and the finance committee of 1902, lost the tip of his tail and passed away on Saturday the 12th at 11:20 o’clock in the morning. The burial services will be held at the country register’s office in Springfield, and will be conducted by Judge Hildreth, who is expected to make some very feeling and appropriate remarks. Mr. White, who acted as chairman of our finance committee, is mainly responsible, and he tells me that after running his small automobile all over the city, trying to catch the disappearing pocketbooks, he was finally forced to buy a big machine, after which he last victim surrendered, even the white elephant gave up. Still it is hard to get chairmen whose love for our association will lead them to give up every friend they have, and our chairman assures me that he has none left now.

At the meeting Joseph A. Skinner, Charles A. Chase, Edward N. White and William C. McLeod were elected directors for three years. The full board will meet Monday evening, when the president and other officers will be elected, committees appointed and the work for the year outlined.

The statistical report for the year shows an increase in membership from 780 last year to 1155 the present year. The daily attendance at the rooms is estimated at 250, against 225 last year. There have been 63 socials and suppers, with a total attendance of 3323, and 79 young men have secured employment through the association. There have been 25 practical talks with an attendance of 360. There are eight educational clubs, and in the evening schools there are 17 classes, with an enrollment of 198, against 12 last year. There are 18 Bible classes, with a total enrollment of 2612. The total attendance at all meetings for men was 8428, and the attendance at boys; meeting was 985. The number enrolled in the gymnasium classes was 356, against 320 the previous year, and the total attendance at the calsses was 12,357. The total number of members of the boys’ department was 201 against 145 last year.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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