Holyoke Woman’s Sad Tale

by Laurel | April 22nd, 2012

22 April 1900

Of Her Experience with a Clairvoyant.

Mrs. Christina Miller of 85 Main Street, Holyoke, came to this city yesterday morning and related to Marshal McDonald her sad and costly experience with one “Albert Bundy, Boston’s Famous Clairvoyant,” who assists the public to “overcome enemies, rivals, sickness and stumbling blocks of all kinds.” Mrs. Miller went to consult this world renowned seer, and came away with a bag full of junk and waste paper in place of $210 in gold and paper money that she carried with her. The “famous clairvoyant” located in Holyoke last week and opened his rooms at 236 Maple Street, using Temperance hall as a place where the multitude could assemble to consult him in matters of love, marriage, business or any other topic on which information could be desired. Mr. Bundy’s phenomenal powers were in great demand as the result of a circular freely distribute about the city telling of his reduction of the usual fee of $2 to “only 50 cents” for each consultation. “Knowledge of the future is power for the present. Know your future and act according” was printed conspicuously at the top of the circular which further down told of Mr. Bundy’s remarkable success. “He asks you no questions, but before you can utter a word he tells you your name in full” read one of the sentences. Mrs. Miller read the circular with interest, and Saturday the 14th, she appeared at Mr. Bundy’s to buy a little of his knowledge. Bundy, a slick young fellow about 26 year old, was all smiles and transferred the 50-cent fee to his pocket with readiness. At his request Mrs. Miller wrote on a slip of paper what she desired to know. She asked, “Is my brother alive in the old country, and is my cousin?” “Will I travel beyond the sea?” and “What is my name?” These question she says he answered to her complete satisfaction.

While she was in consultation with the all seeing individual she had in her hand a handkerchief in which was $210 in money, $180 being in $20 gold pieces and $30 in bills. “What have you got there?” inquired Bundy of Boston. “I have my money,” replied Mrs. Miller; and “Let me see it,” was Bundy’s next remark. Mrs. Miller said she objected, but in some way she cannot explain he took the money from her. He said he would make her lucky but she replied she had luck enough. Bundy next produced a chamois bag, into which he appeared to place the money, and handed the bag to Mrs. Miller. She says she then went home, but did not open the bag until yesterday when she found that its contents consisted of six metal disks, a piece of newspaper and one of the Bundy advertising circulars. She says the missing money is the savings of a lifetime, she having earned it by going out to wok by the day. She is a widow and lives with her daughter. Mrs. Miller says that Bundy’s consultation room was crowded continually, and that she knows of others who also lost their money. She says he left Holyoke soon after her visit.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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