Holyoke Snippets — 11 March 1898

by Laurel | March 11th, 2013

11 March 1898

John Philip Sousa, About 1900

John Philip Sousa, About 1900

John Philip Sousa did not have much of an opinion of the audience at the Holyoke Opera House Wednesday evening. “It is the first time,” said he to Manager Potter, “that the band has ever played the “Star Spangled Banner” that the audience did not rise with the band who played it.” The strong point of the Holyoke audiences seems to be getting into their wraps the last 10 minutes of a play or concert.

Peter Monat, father of the Monat boy who was alleged to have shot A. P. Pease of Southampton, is out with a letter denying that his boy did the deed, and calling the matter “a bluff” on the part of Mr. Pease. There is no ordinance which compels one to believe the contents of this letter.

Holyoke Girls Play Ball. Ward 6 Basketball team defeated by High School team in a hard game at the Holyoke Y.M.C.A. Gymnasium. There was great excitement at the Holyoke Y.M.C.A. gymnasium yesterday afternoon, and the ar at times was full of threats of war. The occasion for all this was the game of basketball played between two local teams of the young women of the city, and though as usual in events of this kind, both sides claim the victory. the scorers, Mrs. S. M. Green and Mrs. E. S. Towne, saw that the combination “Yellow” team from the high school beat out the ward 6 team by a score of 11 to 8. The game was called at 3:30 o’clock, and the discussion of Easter hats and bonnet ceased shortly after. After a few preliminary disputes were over, the teams lined up as follows: Yellow (High School team). guards, Maud Keyes, Alice Heywood (basket), Grace Boothe; tackles, Mary Cady, Lucy Humeston, Sarah Sears; centers, Eula Winchester, Bertha Moody, Helen Pryer. Ward 6 team, guards, Ada Pryer, Miss Rowe, Mary Boothe (Basket); tackles, Alice Newton, Bessie Bartlett, Mary Fraser; centers, Peaul Houston, Dedie Crafts, Lena Thayer.

When the whistle blew every girl braced back and drew in her breath. There was a moment of awful suspense and the ball was see to lie in the hands of the tall form of Dedie Crafts. Eighteen shrieks resounded through the room and in the confusion Miss Crafts hurled the ball in a vague way toward one end of the room and the battle was on in earnest. During the first half the game was seen to be about equal, the score tying at several times. For the “Yellows,” Alice Heywood shone with great luster, and for the ward 6 club Dedie Crafts won applause. The second half was a repetition of the first, the game finally ending in a whirlwind of excitement, applause and joyous squeals. Following are the official figures:

Score, Yellow 11, Ward 6 8. Time two 20 minute halves. Umpires Mrs. S. M. Green and Mrs. E. S. Towne. Referee, Rose Heywood. Timekeeper, Miss Newcomb. Goals from fouls, Mary Boothe 8, Alice Heywood 10. Goal from field, Grace Boothe.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.




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