Holyoke Snippets — A Few St. Pat’s Vignettes

by Laurel | March 15th, 2013

. Pat's Parade, March 17, 1952

“In My Irish Jaunting Car”
Roland Hobert and family, The Hoberts of Castlegregory
St. Pat’s Parade, March 17, 1952


Celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day
A Gala Day for the Fenians

18 March 1865 — St. Patrick’s Day “in the morning” had an unusually general celebration yesterday. That at Holyoke was the principal one in this vicinity. The Springfield circle of Fenians marched to the depot in procession, with music and a handsome banner, giving The Republican office a salute in passing, and took the morning train for Holyoke. There they were joined by numbers of the brotherhood from other places, though the delay on the railroads caused by the freshet hindered many from attending who would otherwise have done so. A train from this city in the afternoon reinforced the crowd with several cars full, and the attendance was altogether estimated at nearly 2000. The celebration passed off finely, although the Fenians were disappointed by the absence of Col. John O’Mahoney of New York, head center of the Fenian Brotherhood in this country. A fair, which was held in connection with the celebration will continue through today, when it is expected Col. O’Mahoney will be present.

Kathleen Mavourneen

Kathleen Mavourneen

St. Patrick’s Day Entertainments

18 March 1901 — “The bit of green ribbon” was much in evidence in Holyoke yesterday and Saturday, and some of the “small fry” had the Irish flag of green, with the golden harp, the rule seeming to be the smaller the boy the bigger the flag. Saturday several social events took place. In the afternoon came P. H. Kelley’s juvenile minstrel show, very interesting, and none the less so for one or two of the little ones becoming frightened and running off the stage with tearful cheeks. The annual coffee party of the St. Vincent de Paul society was largely attended, and quite a sum will be realized for the benefit of the Brightside orphanage. The Shamrock party by the Beacon Light circle of Foresters was for the children, and was hugely enjoyed by the little ones. The Hibernians banqueted and celebrated Ireland’s fame in speech and song Saturday evening, and yesterday courts Shields and Isabella at which Gallagher and St. Valerian courts of Springfield were guests. The Park Lyceum gave an entertainment at their rooms last evening. Tonight, beside the play “Kathleen Mavourneen” at the Holyoke Opera House, there will be a dance by the Young Men’s Institute at the Wakelin Hall.

 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Seen by 25,000 in Holyoke

17 March 1952 — To the martial music of 12 musical units, some 2000 marched today in the city’s first major parade in honor of St. Patrick since he turn of the century. Despite the numbing cold and the piercing winds a crowd of 25,000 applauded the marching units. Thomas F. Rohan, retired senior probation officer of the Holyoke District Court was parade marshal. It was generally agreed by the committee that a St. Patrick’s Day parade will be an annual event.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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