Holyoke Snippets — March 27, 1902

by Laurel | March 27th, 2013

27 March 1902

New Way of Settling Bills —There was a picturesque incident to vary the monotony in South Holyoke Tuesday. D. C. Stone, representing the firm of Snell & Simpson of New Bedford, went down to collect a bill against one of the Hurleys, who runs a market on Bridge Street. There was or had been a change of proprietorship, and in the heat of the argument some things apparently were said that aroused the Hurley ire; at any rate, there presently appeared on the street at full gallop the bill collector, followed by a member of the Hurley clan waving a cleaver in one hand and a knife in the other. There was no bloodshed, but it is to be presumed, as the patter of Stone’s footsteps died away, that the bill was considered to be liquidated. A warrant was sworn out against Cornelius Hurley Tuesday night, and he was brought into court yesterday morning, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. The case was continued to today, Lawyer A. L. Green being retained for Mr. Stone. Daniel Currier and Michael Moriarty, old offenders for drunkenness, were each sentenced to one month in jail. Edward Wenzell, one of the boys charged with larceny, was sent to the Lyman school, and the other, John Leahy, had his case continued to April 6.

 Another Case of Small-Pox — Another case of small-pox was reported yesterday morning to the board of health, the victim being Mrs. Exora Dubuc of 9 Springdale Avenue. Dr. J. A. Marin had the case, and the home was promptly quarantined and the usual precautions taken to prevent the spread of the disease. The house is a durable wooden one, and tenanted only by the Dubuc family. The quarantine was raised on two places yesterday, the eight tenement block at 12 Adams Street and the 11 tenement block at 570 Summer Street. The quarantine is still on on the following places: 101 Lyman Street, 521 Bridge Street, 560 East Street, 68 Cabot Street, 86 Bridge Street, and 558 Summer Street.

The Committee of the Board of Aldermen interested in the securing of an underpass at Canal street between wards 1 and 2 met President Gross and Treasurer E. S. Waters of the Holyoke Water-Power Company yesterday afternoon. Those present at the conference were, besides the officials mentioned, Engineer James M. Sickman, Aldermen Halley and O’Leary and Mayor Chapin. President Gross received the party courteously, but informed them that the agreement between the company and the railroad company was of such a nature that the company could not do anything to aid the city in securing the underpass. Considerable discussion followed, and the Water-Power Company officials stated that it would, in their opinion, cost $100,000 to make the change. This the committee were inclined to doubt. The result of the conference will probably be that the matter will be dropped for the time being at least.

 There are some extremely lively girls in the Ward & Vokes Company, and when they arrived in Holyoke yesterday afternoon and landed in their rooms on the sunny side of the Marble Hall Hotel they speedily put a couple of mirrors into play with the sunbeams, to the great delight of the bachelors and others in the neighboring blocks. Indeed one bachelor was so interested that his blushes nearly caused a fire alarm to be rung in. Eventually quite a crowd engaged in the sport, which lasted for an hour or so.

Things were lively by the Appleton Street crossing of the Holyoke and Westfield railroad about 4 yesterday afternoon. A man had a fit and was taken into Woodruff’s coal office, and about the same time a lively dog fight was begun. Both incidents were over in a short space of time.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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