Holyoke Girls Leaders in Athletics

by Laurel | January 16th, 2014

16 January 1916

Miss Isabel Morrow

Miss Isabel Morrow
Secretary of School Athletic Association

Miss Marion Marshall

Miss Marion Marshall
Vice-President of Athletic Association

Holyoke Girls Leaders in High School Athletics
Girls Make Good Leaders in Athletics

Holyoke High Likes Them
Miss Marshall as Vice-President and Miss Morrow as Secretary of Athletic Association Big Successes

For the first time in its history, the Holyoke High School athletic association has for its vice-president and secretary girl officers. Miss Marion Marshall is vice president f the association and Miss Isabel Morrow is secretary. Last year for the first time in the history of the organization it was thought a good plan to allow the girls of the Holyoke high School to become members of the athletic association and in this way not only raise more money for the treasury, but also get the girls interested in athletics.

The plan worked out successfully and out of the 400 members of the athletic association at the present time more than half this m=number are of the fair sex. The two girl officers are hustlers and it is through their ability to get out and hustle that a most successful season financially for the athletic association is being enjoyed, despite the fact that the Springfield-Holyoke football game was played in Springfield this year.

Miss Marion Marshall, the vice=president of the athletic association is very popular with her school mates. She was elected vice-president by a unanimous vote. Miss Marshall is one of the many girl “royal rooters” of the Paper City high school that support the school athletic teams and attend many of the out-of-town games played by the different teams. In addition to being a staunch supporter of athletics, Miss Marshall is quite an athlete herself. She was a member of last year’s championship girls’ basketball team at the school and is an expert swimmer and fine tennis player. She is a very bright student and was one of the stars in the high school dramatic successes presented by the high school dramatic club last June.

The secretary of the association, Miss Isabel Morrow, like Miss Marshall, is another great favorite among high school students. She was also the unanimous selection for the office of secretary and in her the high school students made another tip-top selection. There never is any sort of an athletic meet staged in Holyoke, but that Miss Morrow attends and on almost every occasion she has witnessed the out-of-town games, providing they were not at a great distance. The present secretary of the association captained last year’s junior basketball team, which one the championship of the girls inter-class league. She is one of the foremost of the high schoolgirls in their desire for a “varsity” girls basketball team, which is not sanctioned by the school authorities. As secretary Miss Morrow was worked earnestly in the best interests of the Holyoke High School athletic association.

Coach “Dan” Kelly of the Paper City school is loud in his praise for these two girl officers and he has often remarked he would 10 times rather have girl managers of athletic teams than some of the fellow who have been selected of later years by the athletic association members.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

Note: Four years later on 31 Jan 1920, Isabel Morrow (daughter of Flora Farr Morrow and Thomas Judson Morrow) married Henry Allen Cooke, Jr.  Isabel had attended the Howe-Marot School in Thompson, CT (no longer exists). Marion Marshall was one of Isabel’s bridesmaids.

Marion Marshall graduated from Mount Holyoke College and later Wheelock College. She married Ralph M. Cook.

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