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by Laurel | March 3rd, 2014

28 February 1899

A Russian Honeymoon

“A Russian Honeymoon” – Madison Square Theatre, N.Y. – Act II, last scene. Photographed in the theatre at midnight May 1st 1883 by Falk

Will Take Part in the “Russian Honeymoon.” — The programs of “The Russian Honeymoon,” together with considerable reading and advertising, are being distributed about the city. In addition to the principal characters, the following have minor parts:

Guards, Richard Chase, George Prentiss, Russell Magna, William Chase; Chamberlain, E. S. Tower; maid of honor, Miss Hazel Brown; peasants, Misses Lucy Humeston, Helen Estelle Pryer, Vena Houston, Josephine Houston, May Crafts, Edith Toole, Florence Toole, Priscilla Shumay, Edith Moore, Pearl Coburn, Helen Burlingame, Bessie Feustal, Ether Sears, Sara Sears, Rachel Heywood, Ella Rutt, Caroline Fiske Dalma Kjaller, Emma Dicerman, Georgiana Kjaller, Clara Kjaller, Georgiana Hemingway, Lawrence Smith, Murray Brown, Herbert Bigelow, Thomas Phelps, Frank Cox, Harrison Sinclair, Lansing Reed, Richard Chase, William Chase, Joseph Magna, Roy Lewis, George Watson.

The following are the patronesses: Mrs. O. H. Merrick, Mrs. Joseph Metcalf, Mrs. D. H. Newton, Mrs. J. H. Newton, Mrs. C. B. Prescott, Mrs. James Ramage, Mrs. C. W. Ranlet, Mrs. E. A. Reed, Mrs. William Skinner, Mrs. P. A. Streeter, Mrs. D. C. Taft, Mrs. E. S. Waters, Mrs. S. R. Whiting, Mrs. William Whiting, Mrs. E. C. Chapin, Mrs. E. W. Chapin, Mrs. John E. Clarke, Mrs. James Cowan, Mrs. J. m. Dunham, Mrs. Oscar Ely, Mrs. A. W. Esleeck, Mrs. H. M. Farr, Mrs. Cyrus L. Frink, Mrs. C. H. Heywood, Mrs. J. C. Hubbard, Mrs. C. W. Johnson, Mrs. J. G. Mackintosh, Mrs. H. E. McElwain.

 fleeing chicken

Chicken Thieves Given Six Months Each — The trial of the three men, charged with the theft of 10 chickens from the hen-roost of the Whiting farm, was held before Judge Hildreth yesterday morning., who found the three guilty and sentenced them to sic months in the house of correction. Ferdinand Rock, one of the four alleged to be in the band has fled to Canada it is said, and two of the others Joseph Jacob and Michael Sicard, both pleaded guilty, so the trial centered around Albert Gagnon, who has entered a plea of not guilty. Lawyer T. D. O’Brien put in a good plea for Gagnon, but Judge Hildreth could not be convinced by the evidence that was submitted that Gagnon should be given any leniency. Gagnon confessed on the stand to starting out with the others for the purpose of robbing hen-roosts, but claimed he would not accompany the others to the Whiting roost, as he did not think that it was safe. He claimed that neither he nor Ferdinand Rock went with them. There was some evidence from the other two men that Rock and Gagnon acted as guard while the others pilfered the roost. According to Gagnon’s story, Rock left him and he started home. The two men with the hens came running out and he followed them on the run at some distance and later walked into the arms of the enemy in the shape of Herbert Baldwin, who was one of the strongest witnesses for the government. The sentence of Judge Hildreth will be glad news to the people of Elmwood, who have been sufferers from this class of thieves for some time. One man alone lost 30 fowls in a year and the feeling toward them was very bitter. The capture of two of the three men was a clever bit of work for Detectives Bligh and Mack, who spent considerable time in their chase.

Thomas Lynch, known as “Toss” Lynch created a diversion yesterday afternoon by resisting the efforts of Officer McClellan to arrest him, and Officer Buckley had to assist. when he arrived at the station he lay down on the floor and played that he was tired. He will be arraigned for drunkenness this morning.

03 March 1926 — Woman Dancing in Snow is Mystery at Holyoke — Holyoke, Massachusetts, 03 March 1926. — The witch o’witching hour puzzles police of this city. A mysterious woman dancer at midnight stages an eerie dancing act on the snow in different parts of the city. The woman has been even using a broom in her gyrations. Called to a vacant lot by a report that the woman was “at it again,” police arrive in time to see her disappear. [From the Marion Daily Star (Marion, Ohio)]

Adapted from The Springfield Union, Image courtesy Library of Congress.

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