The Walence Case, Part V

by Laurel | April 23rd, 2012

When last visited the Walence case was at this stage: Paul Walence, a financially successful Polish immigrant was shot and killed while asleep in bed the early hours of July 11, 1932. The Walence family lived at 71 Linden Street and included, besides Mr. Walence, his wife Mary and their five daughters ranging in age from 19 to 10. Mrs. Mary Walence denied any involvement in her husband’s death, and their eldest daughter Stella supported her mother. During the police investigation and prior to any formal charges, Paul Walence, well-known in the community was buried and his funeral was a public spectacle attended by thousands, causing serious traffic problems in the city. Not long after, circumstantial evidence and the Holyoke police investigation lead a Grand Jury to return a charge of murder against Mrs. Walence and she was charged and held without bail. The Walence daughters appear in news reports as honor students and from all general appearances the family seemed prosperous and without problems. This is a continuation of the story, a list of earlier links appear at the bottom of this post.

28 July 1932

The Estate of Paul Walence

Stella Walence and Stephen Walence were appointed administrators of the estate of the late Paul J. Walence who was found murdered in bed at his home, 71 Linden Street, on July 11th. Stella is the eldest daughter of the deceased and Stephen who resides in Indian Orchard, a brother of the deceased. Mrs Walence, the wife, is held in Hampden county jail charged with the murder of her husband.

09 September 1932

Police Investigate and Collect Evidence

Ransom E Crossman, 39, of Brimfield, a local locksmith, who is alleged to have sold the revolver which was used to kill Paul Walence of Holyoke several weeks ago, for which his wife is awaiting action by the grand jury on a murder charge, pleaded guilty in district court yesterday to a complaint charging him with selling firearms without a license. Judge Ralph S. Spooner, who took the plea, continued the case to today for disposition.

Capt. of Detectives Peter J. Cullen of Holyoke was present at the proceedings in court in the morning and outlined the facts concerning the murder weapon. Crossman’s arrest by Lieut. William J. Hurley of the local detective bureau August 24 followed an investigation conducted by Capt. Cullen and the district attorney’s Office.

29 September 1932

Crossman Sentenced

Ransome E. Crossman, 39, of Brimfield, a locksmith with a place of business at 151 Bridge Street, this city, was sentenced to six months in the house of correction when he pleaded guilty to a charge of selling firearms without a license. Crossman is alleged to have sold the revolver with which Paul Walence of Holyoke was murdered in his sleep at his home early in July.

These articles adapted from The Springfield Republican.

At this point, there is a dearth of articles about the case, though more information is published in the first quarter of 1933, before the case is to be heard on March 12. The story continues tomorrow, and if you missed the previously published earlier articles, here is a list:

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