Walence Case, Part VI

by Laurel | April 24th, 2012

02 March 1933

O’Connell Will Hear Walence Death Case

Notification of the assignment of Judge Daniel T. O’Connell as presiding justice of the trial of Mrs. Mary Walence of Holyoke on the charge of shooting and killing her husband Paul Walence, store proprietor, in their home at Holyoke last July, was received yesterday by District Attorney Thomas F. Moriarty and Clerk of Courts Charles M. Calhoun. Judge Nelson P. Brown had been earlier assigned, according to reports, but it was stated today that Judge O’Connell will preside.

Assistant District Attorney John J. Granfield has been working with District Attorney Moriarty in preparing the case. Thomas C. Maher is the attorney for the defendant. The trial will begin the 13th.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

12 March 1933

Jurors Are Called for Walence Trial

Shooting Case Will Start Tomorrow Morning Before Judge O’Connell

Choice of 12 men to try Mrs. Mary Walence of Holyoke charged with the murder of her husband by shooting him in their home in that city, July 11, which the defendant denies, will be made from 63 jurors who have been summoned for duty at the special criminal sitting opening at 10 tomorrow morning, Judge Daniel T. O’Connell presiding.

The number of jurors called for this sitting is much less than those called for previous murder cases. The number of jurors who can be peremptorily challenged by either the commonwealth or defendant has also been reduced by half. Each side will have 12 peremptory challenges to use. As challenges for cause are rare this means that there will be much less time occupied in choosing a jury than in many former murder trials. It is not expected that much difficulty will be experienced.

The first work of the trial tomorrow will be the selecting of a jury and it is expected that after a brief statement of the nature of the case to the jury a view will be taken. It is likely that much progress will be made in the trial the first day.

District Attorney Thomas F. Moriarty and Assistant District Attorney John J. Granfield have been in their office in the courthouse this week preparing the case for the commonwealth, while Attorney Thomas C. Maher, Mrs. Walence’s counsel has been equally diligent in preparing the defense.

The jurors who will appear tomorrow morning are as follows:–

Eugene E. Adams, Springfield, retired; Harry E. Ballard, Holyoke, engineer; Joseph R. Beaudoin, Chicopee, barber; Stanley Bigda, Chicopee, electrical worker; Edmund Boily, Ludlow, barber; Carl O. Borrner, Springfield, estimator; David Bruce, Springfield, machinist; Edward M. Callahan, Holyoke, salesman; Rufus H. Chapin, Holyoke, retired; Clifford M. Cowell, West Springfield, printer; Henry J. Dagg, Springfield, cigar salesman; James Thomas Daly, Springfield, drop forger; Maurice Danziger, Springfield, salesman; Daniel P. Donoghue, Holyoke, steam engineer; Wilson H. Dougherty, Springfield, salesman; Daniel Joseph Doyle, Springfield, laborer; Herman F. Dreyer, Springfield, machinist; William O. Ducharme, Holyoke, merchant; John W. Fanning, Westfield, clerk; George J. Flint, Palmer, mill operative; Howard W. Frasier, Agawam, pressman; Eugene C. Freeman, Chicopee, milk dealer; Fred J. Fuller, Tolland, farmer; Albert L. Gaulin, West Springfield, garage employee; Donald Grant, West Springfield, salesman; John M. Grogan, Springfield, electrical contractor; John Joseph Hoey, Springfield, steam fitter.

Walter Richard Koerner, Springfield, machinist; Albert Kress, Holyoke, textile operator; Camille Lagasse, Ludlow, machinist; Charles LeClair, Chicopee, accountant; William H. McGuire, Wilbraham, farmer; Francis J. McNerney, Holyoke, paper finisher; Alfred T. Mills, Springfield, barber; Robert F. Murray, Springfield laborer; Stanislaw Nowak, Chicopee, mechanic; Charles H. Osborne, Springfield, superintendent; Howard F. Pellissier, Holyoke, assistant superintendent; Patrick F. Quinlan, Springfield, janitor; Harold J. Reilly, Longmeadow, clerk; Harry T. Robbins, Springfield, repairman; Lewis E. Robbins, Springfield, lumber dealer; William M. Robinson, Springfield, Salesman; Frederick Rogers, Jr., Springfield, manager; Edward W. Roman, Palmer (Three Rivers), salesman; Arthur W. Roy, Springfield, machinist; Robert C. Rush, Springfield, real estate broker; Patrick F. Ryan, Springfield, motorman.

Thomas Ryan,. Jr., Westfield, clerk; George B Sherman, Brimfield, laborer; Harry K. Smith, Springfield, security salesman; John Stepczyk, Chicopee, manager; Michael F. Sullivan, Springfield, mattress maker; William J. Sullivan, Chicopee, blacksmith; Dennis F. Sweeney, Springfield, clerk; Michael Tobin, Holyoke, real estate; Raymond T. Walsh, Springfield, bricklayer; Michael Witkop, Hampden, farmer; Albert B. Woodward, Springfield, general foreman; Charles Wolfe, Westfield, mechanic; Stefan Zajchowski, Chicopee, clerk.

Adapted from The Springfield Republican.

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